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Guest Peter Topside

I had the pleasure of being invited as a guest on the Write or Die Show several months back.  It was my first interview about my horror trilogy (Preternatural), and was also going to cover some very sensitive and extremely personal topics concerning mental health.  So I was nervous as a cat walking into it, but Randi ran the entire thing so well, that I felt completely at ease.  I opened up quite a bit and was as honest as possible, which was made so much easier with her encouragement.  I think we actually spoke for an extra 30 minutes beyond the actual interview, and both had a blast.  

I also really want to emphasize that the things said during my interview are my lived experiences.  I am not claiming to be an expert of any kind, but hope that my experiences can be of use to others.  Even though Randi and I joked a bit, we did so to create a warm, inviting environment to discuss my mental health struggles which included PTSD, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, alcohol and drug abuse, etc.  Having been through my own journey, stemming from an upbringing centered on stigmas about the topic, discouraging mental health services, and being taught to just ‘act normal,’ I know how hard it can be to change your mindset.  But I encourage anyone who thinks they may be having a mental health challenge to reach out and talk to any of the multitude of appropriate professionals for the proper treatment options.  Mental health is a very critical part of overall well being and everyone deserves to feel their best.

Thank you again for everything, Randi!

Peter Topside