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Guest Douglas Weiss

When I started Amazing Limits, I hadn’t even the clue if it would come to completion. Even More came after 12 Amazing Limit’s ( 1 for the original 12 disciples in Jesus’ Ministry). After Pentecost, 3000 were added to the church on that day, and as such, Even More to today, hence the name. 

Today, I sit with copious idea’s forward how to advance this pictorial nonsense; However, I do not feel IT IS nonsense. Amazing Limits and Even More, are just a guide to my hope in Christ through the real madness that is everywhere right now.

To describe it any other way would be wrong: Amazing Limits and Even More are my Love letter’s to Christ and my Family.

Both Amazing Limits and Even More, hope to bring about the change in hearts of people around the world. 

The opportunity to write and create has been a passion in my recovery. Being able to openly talk about my disability candidly has been very helpful. I encourage other Author’s and even aspiring writer’s: Pursue your dreams, and put your will and life into the hand’s of Christ. What ever your heart’s yearn toward, Jesus Christ can make it happen. 

What has occurred because of this interview, essentially flipped me out of my own defeatist attitude. I fail when I fail, not because who you are what you say or you do. Those are identity issues that don’t fall on my conscience any further. If god can forgive Me, I can forgive me.

Try and narrate your life in 26 mins or less. It’s hard, fun enjoyable and rewarding. Douglas Weiss: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

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