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Karina Kantas

Opening up to a stranger about personal and private health conditions, especially those that carry a stigma, is the easy part. Randi, allowed me to talk and she understands what I’ve been through as she has experienced the same. If my story can help others become stronger and motivated and even break through the dark cloud, then I’m happy to share my private issues.  What I found the hardest about this experience is pressing that share button. Do I allow my family and virtual friends to watch this, to know the other side of Karina Kantas? To see the tears behind the smile. To open up the door and allow them into my issues. There are some that I wouldn’t want to watch the podcast, and I doubt they would be bothered to click and watch or listen. But it’s scary to put yourself out there to the public, but the only reason I do is in the hope that my story can help someone.

When I’m feeling low, like I have been these last few days, I keep in mind, that once I come out of this dark cloud, I’ll be happy again. There’s no reason for me to feel sad or cry as I have been. I just know it’s just that time of year. I’ll keep myself busy and surround myself with family and wait it out.

Even if my story helps one person, then that’s all I want to get out of this.
However, if you want to check out my books. Please do. There’s something for everyone over there.

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