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Guest Jeremiah Ukponrefe

My name is Jeremiah Ukponrefe and I made an appearance on the write or die show speaking about my experience with depression.

Being on the show was outside of my comfort zone, but also a positive experience. I have not spoken publicly about my depression before, but simply talking to another person made it easier. 

My main strategy for treating depression is staying busy in all areas of my life and finding balance. For me building an active social life, and getting out of the house is essential, to the point where I find being out of the house for a minimum of five days of the week is effective. There are multiple ways of doing this, it might mean going to a concert or through an exercise that requires other people like boxing or soccer. My happiness is often the culmination of multiple things, not just exercise or socializing, but a consistent effort each and every day to be better.

Another thing to note is that it will never truly be perfect. There will be slip-ups and bad days, and I remind myself that at no point will I ever be at my best moments forever, the same way that my lowest moments will not always be the norm, and through trial and error it becomes easier to find what works for the individual. 

My book Hive is available now, the novel is about a world where an alien invasion occurred that humanity nearly defeated, and what happens when it turns out that not only is the alien not gone, but it holds far more secrets than humanity originally believed.

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