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Discovering Your Identity

Author: Urmi Hossain

Discovering Your Identity – A rebirth from interracial struggle – this is the first book that I published.  Like many, writing a book was always on my bucket list, but I didnt think I would have fulfilled this goal so soon. I guess when you do manifest your goals, things really happen!

I was inspired to write my book after reading a similar book called Confessions of a Brown Girl by Saleha Mirza. I remember approaching the author and asking her for guidance and the reasons behind her book publication. 

After speaking to her, I was determined enough to publish my first book. My main goals in writing this book were for self-accomplishment, to heal myself, and to share my story of being a South Asian girl born and raised in a western society. Unfortunately, the cultures of the west and east often clash culturally and women really suffer because of societal norms and double standards. With this book, I wanted to share who I really was and why for all these years, it was hard for me to fit in. Sometimes we get mistaken by people because there is so much we keep in and there is only so much we show to the world. With this book, I wanted to make someone feel less alone if they are struggling to fit in. 

For me, the process of writing was very therapeutic and I got positive reviews from many of the readers who picked this book.

Some words of advice: 

1. Don’t perform to fit in – It will come at your own cost. If you decide to do that, It is a lie you will live for the rest of your life where you chose others before choosing yourself. Remember- happiness and joy start from you first and then spread them around your surroundings. 

2. Being unique is a celebration – You don’t need anyone’s validation for your actions and what you do. What counts is who you are inside and what you bring to this world. You are enough for what you can give and you don’t need to sacrifice your identity and who you are really to blend in. Diversity is richness. 

3. Life is a work in progress – We are not born knowing everything and we are constantly changing and evolving to be who we are meant to be. For someone struggling to fit in especially when you are a third-culture kid, you don’t need to check that box; you are the box. It is up to you to create it. Whatever you do in life, just follow your instincts and you will be who you are meant to be. 

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