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What If I Could?

Author: Lynne Harley

My writing experience of “What If You Could?” fills me with gratitude and humility. This book began as an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone. Price Pritchett’s words convinced me to take it to the finish line. He writes: “What if these are not just ideas, but divine inspirations searching for some mortal soul- YOU- to give them a fighting chance to become realized. That they are seeking to recruit someone who will embrace them with enough passion and courage to bring them into a material existence. What is regrettable is that each one of us has discounted and dismissed many wonderful possibilities only to see someone else embrace them and live out their magic.” I am so glad I decided to listen and allowed this book to be realized.

Today, “What If You Could?” was awarded a GOLD MEDAL from the Global Book Awards. This is a great book for every age, and a portion of each book sale will be gifted to in support of youth mental health. Thank you for sharing the love. For more about Lynne visit

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