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Written by: SG Blaise

It was such a pleasure to talk to Randi about my writing journey. So much has changed in the ten
years since I set out to write The Last Lumenian saga.

In the beginning, one of the biggest challenges for me was not knowing how long it would take
to finish the first book. It felt like a never-ending journey with no specific end date. (Little did I
know what it feels like after publishing!) I had to learn to accept the uncertainty that came with
writing a book, become more patient, and enjoy the journey.

The other biggest challenge was not having readers and, as such, not having feedback on the
book. It helped tremendously to be part of an R&C group, and also, having my family read it as
each version was done made the process more bearable.

Lastly, I discovered that the writing journey does not end with getting my book published–that
was only another beginning for a different journey with many more twists and turns. I learned to
enjoy what may come and celebrate every mini-milestones when they come my way. But most of
all, I learned that no matter where I was on my journey, it was vital to be kind to myself as I was
my own biggest critic.

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