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My ADHD Brain

Written by Molly Foss

Being on Randi-Lee’s show was a new and fun experience! 

Some days it’s hard to talk about having ADHD; it feels like I’m just telling other people all the ways that my brain lets me down by not being normal. 

But as Randi-Lee and I mentioned, having ADHD makes my brain work differently, and that’s not always bad. (I’ll admit it’s not always great, either. I’m not one of those “ADHD is a SUPERPOWER!” people.)

I’m amazing at trivia games; I somehow excel at escape rooms and all kinds of puzzle games. If you need a strange workaround built out of questionable supplies like MacGuyver, I’m your girl. 

With my camping website, I realized there weren’t any trusted brands that made a completely battery-operated baby monitor. I thought of many different ways to work around that and wrote an article about them.

A while later, I got an email from a guy who read my article and used it to create a battery-operated baby monitor for camping! (Affiliate link)

It’s fascinating how all of our brains work differently, but when we work together and use each other’s strengths, we can get a lot farther than we could individually. 

I could never host a podcast, but I’m glad that Randi-Lee can and that she’s using her powers to help break stigmas surrounding mental health. 

Remember friends, it’s not stupid if it works!

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