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Put Yourself First Mentally

By Sally Barrilla

Truly grateful to Randi-Lee for having me on her show and discussing the importance of putting yourself first mentally. We had an amazing chat talking about the importance of mental health, recognizing that while none of us view the world equally, it actually makes us more unique than we may think.

Growing up, it’s strange to note that mental health was such an unfamiliar concept that now I consider myself a big advocate of it. I find that the more conversations we have on mental health, recognizing our struggles, and prioritizing ourselves in body, soul, and mind can remove the stigma of mental health.

Randi-Lee’s Write or Die Show is helping bring about so many voices, hearing different stories, and bringing the world to discover the power of writing. I had such a blast, and she was also a guest on my podcast, Detective Writer. Here is the link to that episode as well. I welcome anyone who wishes to join us, and please feel free to check out my first-ever book. I can’t wait to come back to the show, gracias!