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“A SPARK OF TRUTH” has the Hidden Information that Exposes Reality

Written by Marilyn Redmond

Write or Die Show – with Marilyn Redmond – YouTube

Randi-Lee has a wonderfully open mind to the differences in mental illness and solutions. I was able to share a small version of my past that brought on my mental illness and tried to survive with medications and wrong information that only addressed the symptoms and not the root cause of my illness. After years of misery, self-medicating, and a lack of real information, I found a spiritual path in treatment for addictions from the prescriptions. A spiritual path replaced the need for medications. Reading that the lack of self-honesty is the basis for mental illness, I found through releasing the past harms, trauma, and mentally ill family, I could move into a love-based life and thrive.

I am no longer a fear-based person, but a love-based person. I no longer needed to be triggered from the past and could live in the “Now.” Without pills for 25 years, I have clear thinking for making good decisions for loving resolutions. I let go of the past and replaced the space with love and grace. Living in the moment is a gift and why it is called The Present. My psychiatrist declared me sane.

Through my curiosity, I researched how culture has been programmed in fear that perpetuates mental illness and a lack of reality. Investigating the history behind religions, government, education, medicine, and more brought information that was hidden from the public.

 All parts of our culture are infiltrated with lies, deceit, and misinformation. My new book, “A Spark of Truth” has the history up to current times revealing the information from earliest times and through secret societies, evil Elites running the three major powers, banking, education, medicine, media, and entertainment. They have controlled, contaminated, and poisoned our food, air, water supplies, and more. New forms of leadership and government are forming to change the basis of our lives from deceit to honesty. 

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