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We are Light

Written by Roger Leslie

While Randi-Lee Bowslaugh interviewed me for her podcast, I immediately connected with her. She was open and playful and genuinely interested in the ideas I shared about living the life you dream.

Soon after, I was delighted when she invited me to read from my latest memoir, Light Come Out of the Closet for Readers Intrigue. As a former literature teacher, I know some tricks of the trade that help when I’m revising a manuscript. One is to read the work aloud to feel the rhythm of the language and the tone of the content. Even before I recorded my chapter for Readers Intrigue, I had read my book aloud several times.

While studying to be a teacher, I had some great professors. In one children’s literature class, our professor modelled how to animate our voice and expression to enhance the listeners’ experience. Reading aloud “I’m Going to Hell,” Chapter 1 of my memoir, I felt grateful for the humour I infused throughout the work. Recording the read-aloud for Readers Intrigue also helped me appreciate how different reading to a camera is from reading to a responsive audience.

I wrote Light Come Out of the Closet to shed light on how essential our spiritual journey is, no matter what unique qualities we have or experiences we face. At our essence, we are so much more than Christian or Muslim or atheist. We are far beyond just Black or White or Brown. We are not our political views, socioeconomic status, or education.

We are light. Whoever you are and whatever you believe, shine your light. It will feed your soul and inspire the soul of everyone you encounter.

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Roger Leslie, PhD

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