In 2020 the host Randi-Lee Bowslaugh was working on her third non-fiction book that promoted speaking openly about mental health. During this time, she was toying with the idea of creating a podcast but was uncertain what topic she would address specifically.

In 2021 as she was researching ways to promote her book, she spoke with a few people who gave her advice on figuring out what she wanted to address for the podcast. As she continued to think about this idea, the concept of mental health kept popping up. However, it wasn’t until she spoke with Mike Ulmer that the full concept of interviewing other authors came into existence.

Being an author herself, it made sense to speak with other authors. Many people have mental health trouble, and authors are often open to speaking about the topic. From there, she knew that it couldn’t just be a podcast, and the show was created with a Facebook and YouTube channel.

Immediately after putting out a call for guests, there was such a huge response giving her the confidence to make Write or Die Show meaningful.

Each episode features an author, a mental health challenge and coping strategies. We share our lows and what we have learned work for each person. Not every coping strategy works for every person which is why having the variety of guests sharing is so important.

Remember: The only way to end the stigma of mental health is to speak openly and honestly.