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Connect with Someone

By: Jeff Rasley

Connect with someone you know who is lonely and will be touched by your simple act of kindness.

We might not have said it exactly like that, but that was the theme that developed in the conversation between Randi Bowslaugh and me on her Write or Die Show podcast. Our conversation started with me telling Randi about my recent hip surgery and how being stuck at home for several weeks of post-op rehabilitation was a lonely and depressing experience. I was unable to do many of my favorite activities, because they involve vigorous physical activity and some are necessarily outdoors– skiing, skating, biking, kayaking, swimming, and pickleball.

And I was cut off from my normal social and community activities and events because of my immobility.

On top of that, I had to deal with chronic pain. On the other hand, the experience of immobility and isolation made me really appreciate my wife’s loving willingness to do her best to help with my rehab. She had to do all the household chores I normally do in addition to hers, and she had to do all the shopping and driving. It also made me appreciate the friends, who called and emailed wishes for my recovery, and especially the ones that paid me a visit. Although, it was only a few weeks of semi-isolation, getting to spend some time in the actual presence of a visiting friend dramatically lifted my spirit. Knowing that a friend, or my son James, was coming over for a visit and coffee or tea gave me something to look forward to. My mood always picked up and my situation didn’t seem so depressing. It even felt like the pain in my leg lessened, when someone paid me a visit.

My lonely situation was short-term, and I wasn’t alone because my wife Alicia was here with me. Poppy Cat did her part to entertain me by acting like a little fruitcake and occasionally cuddling next to me in bed or on my easy chair.

The experts tell us that there is an epidemic of loneliness in the US and in other economically developed countries. While policy-makers struggle to deal with this (one more!) crisis, those of us who can, should make the effort to reach out to anyone we know who might be feeling down and alone for whatever reason. That offer of care and concern will have an effect. It’s like being environmentally responsible. Our individual efforts will not wholly heal the suffering of our damaged planet Earth’s environment, but we can each make some difference.

So, reach out, and be a responsible and caring friend, neighbor, or family member. Don’t just love the one you’re with. Offer love to those you know who need it.

Jeff Rasley is an author and president of the Basa Village Foundation and of the Scientech Foundation of Indiana. His latest book is A Hitchhiker’s Big Adventure: On the road from Indiana to Key West and New Orleans for Mardi Gras 1972. It is available on Amazon at (affiliate link). For more information about, and to contact, Jeff, his website is

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Love Yourself

By: AG Flitcher

Once again, I had a great time on the Write or Die Show podcast. Randi is always easy to talk to and makes me feel like I can be myself. Which is important for all of us to be able to do in our day-to-day lives. Discussing self-awareness, self-love, being ok with minimal change in ourselves, and actively listening to others’ pain was an important discussion because we have to realize that drastic change in ourselves and in life is not always possible or necessary. And even if it is, it doesn’t mean we lose ourselves. If we do, and it scares us, we must be brave and reach out to those we know will be there for us in honesty and support.

Thank you, Randi.

AG Flitcher

Get the book (affiliate link – thank you for your support)

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Synergies Make for a Great Podcast

Written by Doug Lawrence

What makes a great podcast is the synergies between the host and the guest. I recently appeared as a guest on the Write or Die Show podcast with Host Randi-Lee Bowslaugh. Randi-Lee put me at ease, and we launched into a conversation about mental health and grief effortlessly. We had personal experiences that we were able to feed off of, which made for a great show and some powerful takeaways for the listening audience.

I have found that being on the Write or Die Show is therapeutic for me and part of my healing journey as I get to share my story. What is even more important is that Randi-Lee has a story to share as well, and we complimented each other with our lived experiences.

Sharing my story is by far the best coping skill that I have.

Thank you, Randi-Lee, for this awesome opportunity.


Twitter: @DougLawrenceJM
Book: “You Are Not Alone”

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We are Light

Written by Roger Leslie

While Randi-Lee Bowslaugh interviewed me for her podcast, I immediately connected with her. She was open and playful and genuinely interested in the ideas I shared about living the life you dream.

Soon after, I was delighted when she invited me to read from my latest memoir, Light Come Out of the Closet for Readers Intrigue. As a former literature teacher, I know some tricks of the trade that help when I’m revising a manuscript. One is to read the work aloud to feel the rhythm of the language and the tone of the content. Even before I recorded my chapter for Readers Intrigue, I had read my book aloud several times.

While studying to be a teacher, I had some great professors. In one children’s literature class, our professor modelled how to animate our voice and expression to enhance the listeners’ experience. Reading aloud “I’m Going to Hell,” Chapter 1 of my memoir, I felt grateful for the humour I infused throughout the work. Recording the read-aloud for Readers Intrigue also helped me appreciate how different reading to a camera is from reading to a responsive audience.

I wrote Light Come Out of the Closet to shed light on how essential our spiritual journey is, no matter what unique qualities we have or experiences we face. At our essence, we are so much more than Christian or Muslim or atheist. We are far beyond just Black or White or Brown. We are not our political views, socioeconomic status, or education.

We are light. Whoever you are and whatever you believe, shine your light. It will feed your soul and inspire the soul of everyone you encounter.

Get the book (affiliate link – thanks for your support)

Roger Leslie, PhD

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“A SPARK OF TRUTH” has the Hidden Information that Exposes Reality

Written by Marilyn Redmond

Write or Die Show – with Marilyn Redmond – YouTube

Randi-Lee has a wonderfully open mind to the differences in mental illness and solutions. I was able to share a small version of my past that brought on my mental illness and tried to survive with medications and wrong information that only addressed the symptoms and not the root cause of my illness. After years of misery, self-medicating, and a lack of real information, I found a spiritual path in treatment for addictions from the prescriptions. A spiritual path replaced the need for medications. Reading that the lack of self-honesty is the basis for mental illness, I found through releasing the past harms, trauma, and mentally ill family, I could move into a love-based life and thrive.

I am no longer a fear-based person, but a love-based person. I no longer needed to be triggered from the past and could live in the “Now.” Without pills for 25 years, I have clear thinking for making good decisions for loving resolutions. I let go of the past and replaced the space with love and grace. Living in the moment is a gift and why it is called The Present. My psychiatrist declared me sane.

Through my curiosity, I researched how culture has been programmed in fear that perpetuates mental illness and a lack of reality. Investigating the history behind religions, government, education, medicine, and more brought information that was hidden from the public.

 All parts of our culture are infiltrated with lies, deceit, and misinformation. My new book, “A Spark of Truth” has the history up to current times revealing the information from earliest times and through secret societies, evil Elites running the three major powers, banking, education, medicine, media, and entertainment. They have controlled, contaminated, and poisoned our food, air, water supplies, and more. New forms of leadership and government are forming to change the basis of our lives from deceit to honesty. 

Get Marilyn’s book here (affiliate link).

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Put Yourself First Mentally

By Sally Barrilla

Truly grateful to Randi-Lee for having me on her show and discussing the importance of putting yourself first mentally. We had an amazing chat talking about the importance of mental health, recognizing that while none of us view the world equally, it actually makes us more unique than we may think.

Growing up, it’s strange to note that mental health was such an unfamiliar concept that now I consider myself a big advocate of it. I find that the more conversations we have on mental health, recognizing our struggles, and prioritizing ourselves in body, soul, and mind can remove the stigma of mental health.

Randi-Lee’s Write or Die Show is helping bring about so many voices, hearing different stories, and bringing the world to discover the power of writing. I had such a blast, and she was also a guest on my podcast, Detective Writer. Here is the link to that episode as well. I welcome anyone who wishes to join us, and please feel free to check out my first-ever book. I can’t wait to come back to the show, gracias!

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The Idea Behind Dying to Tell

Written by: Val Collins

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to record the first chapter of my latest thriller, Dying To Tell, for Readers Intrigue, but the opportunity didn’t come without its challenges. At first, I recorded away happily, but when I listened to the finished recording, I realised no non-Irish person would understand a word. Irish people speak too fast at the best of times, but apparently, we speak even faster when we’re reading. So I recorded it again, and again, and again. And to be on the safe side, I even added subtitles.

Now, about Dying To Tell. It’s the fifth book in the Aoife Walsh Thriller series. But you don’t need to read the others to know what’s going on. Each book is a separate story, and the only characters that are in all five books are Aoife, her family, and her best friend, Orla.

The inspiration behind Dying To Tell? Well, it’s the easiest plot I ever came up with. It came straight from a story my mother told. Many years ago, a woman she knew was lying on the beach with her new husband. The woman fell asleep, and when she woke, her husband had disappeared and was never seen again. Isn’t that some story? All I had to do was give the couple names – Matt and Nicole Gallagher – and the story practically wrote itself.

So, there you have it – Dying To Tell is a journey where reality mixes with fiction, and secrets lurk in every corner. Does that sound like your cup of tea? Well then, grab your cosiest spot and let’s unravel the unknown together.

Get your copy (affiliate link)

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My ADHD Brain

Written by Molly Foss

Being on Randi-Lee’s show was a new and fun experience! 

Some days it’s hard to talk about having ADHD; it feels like I’m just telling other people all the ways that my brain lets me down by not being normal. 

But as Randi-Lee and I mentioned, having ADHD makes my brain work differently, and that’s not always bad. (I’ll admit it’s not always great, either. I’m not one of those “ADHD is a SUPERPOWER!” people.)

I’m amazing at trivia games; I somehow excel at escape rooms and all kinds of puzzle games. If you need a strange workaround built out of questionable supplies like MacGuyver, I’m your girl. 

With my camping website, I realized there weren’t any trusted brands that made a completely battery-operated baby monitor. I thought of many different ways to work around that and wrote an article about them.

A while later, I got an email from a guy who read my article and used it to create a battery-operated baby monitor for camping! (Affiliate link)

It’s fascinating how all of our brains work differently, but when we work together and use each other’s strengths, we can get a lot farther than we could individually. 

I could never host a podcast, but I’m glad that Randi-Lee can and that she’s using her powers to help break stigmas surrounding mental health. 

Remember friends, it’s not stupid if it works!

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We Need Compassion & Empathy – Dementia

Written by: Katie Marie

It was an amazing experience to appear on Randi-Lee’s show. Such a wonderful opportunity to talk with a compassionate and enthusiastic person about things that mean a great deal to me.

Those being writing, in particular in the horror genre, and the invisible challenges many of us face, like mental health and dementia.

I truly believe that by improving the conversation around dementia (and other mental health issues), we will normalize the condition and make it less frightening, which will increase society’s wider awareness of it and improve services and treatments.

I think one way to improve the conversation around these topics is by having plausible and ‘realistic’ representation in fictional works. Positive representation can help the misunderstood to feel more visible and accepted.

It was a part of the reason I wrote my novella, A Man in Winter.

Arthur, whose life was devastated by the brutal murder of his wife, must come to terms with his diagnosis of dementia. He moves into a new home at a retirement community, and shortly after, has his life turned upside down again when his wife’s ghost visits him and sends him on a quest to find her killer so her spirit can move on.

With his family and his doctor concerned that his dementia is advancing, will he be able to solve the murder before his independence is permanently restricted?

A Man in Winter examines the horrors of isolation, dementia, loss, and the ghosts that come back to haunt us.

In 2014, there were an estimated 5 million adults with dementia, and it is projected to be nearly 14 million by 2060. So, it is essential that we have a better understanding of this disease to increase our ability to interact with compassion and empathy.

Podcasts like this are a key element of the conversation, and it was a joy to be involved.

Get Katie Marie’s book (affiliate link).

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Ancestral Memory to a Book

Written by W.L. Hawkin

Thank you for the opportunity to read from my romantic suspense novel on Readers Intrigue. Reading aloud to my students was one of my favorite things to do when I taught high school English. Here’s a little more about the making of LURE.

I wrote the first draft of Jesse and Hawk’s story thirty years ago when I lived in rural Ontario. I was something of a wild child and quit high school with only grade ten. In my mid-thirties, I felt the need to graduate, so returned to high school by registering for one correspondence course at a time. Along the way, I enrolled in a course called Native Ancestry that changed my life.

One night, I was sitting at my kitchen table reading the chapter on Animism—the belief that all beings, be they rocks, trees, deserts, fish, or winds, are alive with spiritual force—when I realized I knew this. I totally resonate with this. That epiphany set me on a new path. I’d just started my B.A. in Indigenous Studies at Trent University when I wrote the story of Jesse and Hawk. I was reading books by Anishinaabe (Ojibwa) storytellers; learning with traditional teachers and Elders; going to powwows and feasts; attending ceremonies; and soaking up a culture I resonated with. Then one day, my seventy-five-year-old mother casually said, “I’m not surprised you’re into this. My great-grandfather married an Indian. She was Tuscarora, and he was Dutch.” I don’t know if there’s such a thing as ancestral memory, but perhaps my mother was right. While researching my ancestry, I connected with a previously unknown line of the family who confirmed my mother’s story and sent me a tin-type photograph of my Indigenous great-great-grandmother. 

I found the manuscript of the thirty-year-old draft, wrapped in brown paper, a few years ago while packing to move. When I read it, I was surprised and intrigued. It was a romance! I started to rewrite it, then Jesse found the bones of a missing Indigenous girl in her shed. Ruby Little Bear started to speak, and the story took off in another direction.

If you’re curious to know more, go to my website: or drop me a line at

Get the book (affiliate link).