Book Reviews

When a guest comes on the show they have the option to send their book to the host for a review. Follow the links to see what the host thought of these books.

Redefining Normal – Justin and Alexis Black

Breaking the Chains of Transgenerational Trauma: My Journey from Surviving to Thriving – Dorothy Husen

Zoe the Crab – Lucia Matuonto

Meredith’s Triumphs – Theresa Corbley Siller

The Dysfunctional Dance of The Empath and the Narcissist – Dr. Rita Louise

The Vicious Game – Derek Scarzella

The Man in the Pit Review – David Bishop

Where the Light Shines – Kelly Inviere

Yoga Cocaine – Daralyse Lyons

Preternatural – Peter Topside

Shut Up and Listen – Paola Aguillon

The Weight of Air – David Poses

One Thing Remains – David & Shannon Carroll

I Forget to Stay Sober – J.T. Wahlberg

My Daze with the Dark Muse – DM Needom

Yin, Yang, Yogini – Kathryn E. Livingston