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Travel Inspires

Written by: Barbara Ann Briggs

I really enjoyed recording the first chapter of Pilgrimage on the Path of Love for the Readers Intrigue podcast. It was a pleasure working with Randi. The inspiration for writing Pilgrimage on the Path of Love arose during my travels in India. The sights, sounds, tastes, smells and interactions I had with people from so many diverse backgrounds inspired me to pen down my observations and reactions as I travelled. Each person I met shared a fragment of their life with me and the multi-colored fragments, like beads on a thread, wove the necklace I wore, an inner adornment, composed of cherished memories of a country to which I feel deeply connected.

Pilgrimage on the Path of Love was awarded a five-star medal from a Readers’ Favorites Reviewer who said: “Pilgrimage on the Path of Love is a portal to an artfully detailed world of beauty, love, and awareness…Barbara Ann Briggs writes for the free spirits, adventure enthusiasts, and wisdom and spiritual depth seekers. The audience is encouraged to love and embrace others regardless of their religious beliefs, and this core message is key to achieving world peace. I recommend it to the world.

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4 Dimensions

Written by: Tim McCarthy

Thank you for the opportunity to be featured on Readers’ Intrigue.

After many years of experience as an educator and researcher in developmental child psychology, I have come to the conclusion that most parents are not aware that there are 4 Dimensions of human potential: The Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual (or Moral.)

As a result, most parents do not understand how to help their children grow in each of those dimensions in a way that is appropriate to their age and development. That is why I condensed my experience and research into a concise guide that amounts to the Owner’s Manual that you didn’t get with your child. If you don’t understand why your children behave the way they do, I can help.

Why can’t a two-year-old stop when you tell him to?

When are they ready for potty training?

What do you tell your child about where babies come from?

How do you discuss sex with an adolescent?

You see, you have to reach your children on their own level. That means you need to understand how their brains develop, and their capabilities and limitations at each age. Once you understand that, you have the tools to help your child advance. Some children develop physical skills easily, others develop mental skills quickly, while most parents don’t have a clear idea of how to help their child develop emotionally, and some parents don’t even believe in spiritual education. Although I hope they believe in the difference between right and wrong. Regardless of how quickly or easily your child develops in each dimension, I believe parents should help their child develop in each one.

In my book Raising 4 Dimensional Children in a 2 Dimensional World I provide that information, answer those questions and more, and provide over 400 age-appropriate activities to bring them up to the next level. Learn more at

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A Dream Turned Book

Written by: Liz Alterman

Thanks so much to Randi for allowing me to share the first chapter of my suspense novel, The Perfect Neighborhood. Chapter one was probably my favorite to write because it uses dialogue to establish both the tone and the setting.

Readers (or listeners, for those who watch the YouTube video ) know almost instantly that they’ve entered a world where neighbors are keeping a close eye on one another. Through their voices, we learn that one of the main characters, Allison Langley, has left her husband in the middle of the night, sparking a flood of speculation within the Oak Hill community. Neighbors wonder if this “perfect” couple can’t make it, how can anyone?

But, weeks later, when Billy Barnes goes missing on his walk home from kindergarten, residents realize they’ve been focused on the wrong things, especially as they worry about how long a possible predator has been lurking among them.

The idea for this novel came to me in a dream. I woke up with the beginning and ending in mind and then had to painstakingly develop the middle. I wrote and revised most of this story during the pandemic, and having a project to return to throughout that time really kept me sane (when the writing itself wasn’t driving me crazy 🙂 ).

Having the opportunity to read this chapter for Readers Intrigue reminded me what a true skill it is to narrate audiobooks and it made me grateful once again for the wonderful cast who voiced the audiobook production of The Perfect Neighborhood.

If you choose to purchase it or pick it up at the library, thank you so much. I hope you enjoy it!
To learn more about me or my work, please visit I’m happy to pop in to book clubs via Zoom to say ‘Hi!” Happy reading!

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Inspiration To Write: “God Came To My Garage Sale”

Author: Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro, Award-Winning Author

I didn’t originally set out to write my multi-award-winning and prominently endorsed spiritual fiction
“God Came To My Garage Sale.” It wasn’t until I had a story that I wanted to share and
information I wanted to impart to a larger audience that I put pen to paper.

For most who have experienced numerous STEs-Spiritually Transformative Experiences,
remembering each miracle and every specific detail often leads to a major transformational shift in
our understanding of life and the world. So many experiencers are compelled to share their
message with others in a way that can reach as many souls as possible. Writing a book and
speaking on podcasts are great ways to reach out.

My first book writing endeavor was my 2022 Hollywood Book Fest runner-up, 2020 Best Books
finalist, and 5-Star Readers Favorite spiritual fiction (based on true experiences) entitled, “God
Came To My Garage Sale.” My book has received praise and prominent endorsement support
from James Redfield, the bestselling author of “The Celestine Prophecy” series of books.
I then went on to contribute to seven multi-author anthology books, as well as writing feature
articles that were published in numerous nationally-recognized magazine publications. I
discovered that writing was not only enjoyable, but I found writing to be therapeutic on my own
personal healing journey.

I went on to write my prominently endorsed 5-book series “True Deceit False Love” which
provides a creative response, along with tools and resources for understanding and healing from
Domestic Violence, Narcissistic Abuse, Parental Alienation, and Intergenerational Family Trauma.
Throughout this writing and publishing process, I have been thrilled to meet many amazing people,
such as Randi-Lee Bowslaugh, and be a featured guest on numerous podcasts, including “Write
Or Die” and “Readers Intrigue.”

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