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Synergies Make for a Great Podcast

Written by Doug Lawrence

What makes a great podcast is the synergies between the host and the guest. I recently appeared as a guest on the Write or Die Show podcast with Host Randi-Lee Bowslaugh. Randi-Lee put me at ease, and we launched into a conversation about mental health and grief effortlessly. We had personal experiences that we were able to feed off of, which made for a great show and some powerful takeaways for the listening audience.

I have found that being on the Write or Die Show is therapeutic for me and part of my healing journey as I get to share my story. What is even more important is that Randi-Lee has a story to share as well, and we complimented each other with our lived experiences.

Sharing my story is by far the best coping skill that I have.

Thank you, Randi-Lee, for this awesome opportunity.


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