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Author: Jim Marshall

Writing Septemics: Hierarchies of Human Phenomena presented several major challenges, but before I tell you about that, let me introduce you to Septemics.

Septemics is a philosophical science based on the fact that many phenomena related to Human Beings occur in a sequence of seven levels. Septemics comprises a collection of scales or sequences, each of which breaks down various human phenomena into a hierarchy of seven steps. There are thirty-five such scales, which span the spectrum of human experience, by which I mean any situation in the life of any person can successfully by analyzed by one or more of these scales. There are twenty-four scales which apply primarily to individuals, and eleven which apply primarily to groups. Each of these scales provides the user with an infallible way of determining the salutariness or beneficialness of any group, individual or activity. If the group, individual or activity moves persons or groups up these scales, it is beneficial or positive; if it moves them down, it is detrimental or negative. More importantly, just finding out what level you, another person or some group, is at is, by itself, enlightening and beneficial. Finally, once you know the actual level of a person or group, you can improve that person or group by moving them up one level (at a time). Each scale is an axis against which to evaluate human behavior. Combined, they empower one to understand, predict and manage human affairs to a degree hitherto unattainable by most.

First, I had to discover the Septemic phenomena. This took several decades. When I realized I had discovered an entirely new subject, I saw that I could go from helping people by the hundreds, which is what I was doing as a Human Development Engineer, to helping people by the millions, by sharing this discovery with them. 

I then faced the task of constructing a practical philosophic system from the data I had uncovered. This took twenty years. 

Next, I had the burden of expressing this data in a way that would make sense to the average reader. This required many years of rewriting. Overall, I spent twenty-five years writing this book, measured from the point when I realized I had discovered something revolutionary. To find out more, visit

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